Mar 12, 2013 · 1 minute read

By: Colleen Valles

The reason I started this blog is to help people find the time and space to follow their passions, to make time for what they love and thus, help them live a good life. (Read the Manifesto of Sorts for more on this.) It is also part of my writer website, where I offer my writing and editing services for hire.

Well, over on The Art of Non-Conformity blog, blog owner Chris Guillebeau has challenged readers to give something away for free. It’s a social experiment in helpfulness and generosity, and it has intrigued me, so I have decided to participate.

As a writer and editor, I will give away what I do best: writing and editing. From now until April 12 (one month), I will offer a free press release or blog post, or free editing of a document of 10 pages or fewer.

That’s it. I’m curious if I get any takers, but I really would like to do this, so I’m hoping I do.

So. Who needs some freelance writing or editing?


Colleen Valles
I'm Colleen, a writer, mother, knitter, pet mama and tiny house enthusiast who truly believes that everybody should slow down and simplify to make room for the things that are most important in their lives. I'm on a journey to do just that, to be able to spend more time with family and friends, riding my bike and working in the garden. Sign up to get awesome content right in your inbox, or follow me on social media.